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Are you or someone you know looking for five-star Concierge Services during your Vacation OR to handle the Management of your Luxury Property? Or, are you considering turning an existing investment OR personal vacation property into a Vacation Rental Property?

If this is you . . . or someone you know, it’s worth a conversation. South Florida is what we call a ‘Destination City,’ and Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas have many unique things to offer that the rest of Florida does not.

In a 2021 survey done by Business teamed up with Zillow, and to find the most popular vacations cities in America – then OUR TEAM looked at the properties by price point – and Business Insider spoke to Jean Chatzky, financial editor of NBC’s Today Show where she shares in her newest book “ Women with Money:” They frequent a certain area, they’re planning to retire, or they want rental income.

And, the overwhelming factor Zillow and Jean Chatzky found was that like any home – it’s LOCATION – LOCATION – LOCATION!

The data used for this survey was from the 2017 US Census. Cities had to have a population in excess of 65,000 and people had to want to visit – in other words – it had to have a DRAW – or what we call be a DESTINATION CITY.

The more ‘boxes your city checks – as far as things to do for drawing people, the fuller your vacation rental calendar will be,’ assuming it is priced properly and is in the condition which draws people to it! (PRICE WAR & BEAUTY CONTEST MENTALITY) — or your home has a unique draw factor (oceanfront, waterfront, or very close to the beach – and walkable within 5 minutes).

Debbie Wysocki and her TEAM have been serving South Florida for over 20 years in all phases of Luxury Property Management and on occasion Commercial Property Management (small buildings):

Vacation Rental GUESTS – these are just some of the optional services we provide for an additional charge (in some cases) or a referral in other cases:

Concierge Services

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